Modern kitchens

Appreciating your kitchen over the years, both for its aesthetics and for its functionality, is a privilege never lacking to Viem customers, for this reason, every one of our kitchens is designed to fit your individual personality. Modern kitchens, in particular, must complement the rhythms and spaces of our times and add a stylish flare to our homes where dynamics of efficiency and design mingle in perfect balance.
Lacquered kitchen
White lacquered kitchen, comfortable peninsula with breakfast top and system of columns equipped with appliances.
Worktops are in elegant white quartz.
For dining area matching with solid walnut table.
Lacquered kitchen
Open space kitchen with dining room and double sided partition unit.
Matt lacquered door, calacatta quartz worktop and top.
Refrigerator 75 cm inserted in the structure.
Realized shaped and ribbed ceiling.
Oak kitchen
Open space kitchen in open pore brushed oak, double color lacquering.
Peninsula top and kitchen made of HPL layered.
Dining room with oak wood table, transparent glass legs.
Sideboard dark grey Lacquered with worked doors.
Lacquered kitchen
Lacquered kitchen
Design kitchen where white color dominates with important elements in dark gray and steel.
It has a glossy lacquered door, smooth and elegant quartz top.
The refrigerator cm 90 inox with ice maker, is perfectly inserted in the structure.
Laminate kitchen
Laminate kitchen
Elegant laminate kitchen with double dark material color and light wood effect.
Worktop in white quartz.
Extending glass table with black painted iron structure.
Lacquered oak kitchen
Lacquered oak kitchen
Kitchen with column and hanging grey oak lacquered cabinet, open-pore and horizontal grain.
Plasma TV inserted in the column, Samsung stainless steel touch oven and refrigerator with ice maker.
Faded oak peninsula and kitchen bases, horizontal grain.
Stainless steel countertop with integrated cooker and sink.
Flamed Absolute Black granite peninsula countertop with breakfast area in faded oak.
Lacquered kitchen
Lacquered kitchen
Opaque lacquered kitchen, made with under-beams with columns with a flush sliding door.
Large island that includes a work area with a filotop induction cooker and undermounted sink, table area with the same level, extractable chest drawers.
Stainless steel island hood.
Lacquered kitchen
Lacquered kitchen
Lacquered kitchen with double cabinets, side columns, top and rise in brown quartz and sink under top.
Brown lacquered island with white quartz on top, induction hob, white lacquered hood.
Lacquered kitchen
White shiny lacquered kitchen with double hanging cabinets (upper ones 60 cm in depth).
Island bench with counter table, central hood with shiny lacquer finishing.
Island countertop in white okite and white induction cooker.
Black okite countertop and backguard in the sink area.
Oak kitchen
Oak kitchen
Open-pore brushed lacquered oak kitchen.
Column wall with ventilated oven, Samsung microwave and refrigerator with ice maker, induction cooker, undermounted sink.
Spotted grey okite countertops and backguard.
White crystal table.
Lacquered wengé oak kitchen
Wengé oak kitchen
Oak kitchen with wengé tinting, horizontal grain.
Opaque lacquered shelf and daily elements.
Stainless steel sink with integrated washbasins and drip-sill.
Grey marble cooking area.
Stainless steel hood.
Brushed oak kitchen
Brushed oak kitchen
White lacquered brushed oak kitchen with open-pore and horizontal grain.
50 cm high vasistas hanging cabinets and 100 cm high swinging hanging cabinets.
Island with drawers and extractable chest drawers.
Open-pore lacquered under-hanging cabinet band with ladle hooks.
Shiny statuary Carrara marble countertop with undermounted sinks.
Lacquered kitchen
Lacquered kitchen
Opaque lacquered kitchen with stainless steel knobs.
Column with recessed traditional oven and microwave oven.
Two-door stainless steel Samsung refrigerator.
Okite countertop and peninsula with backguard.
Stainless steel and oak kitchen
Stainless steel and oak kitchen
Kitchen in faded oak, column and island with stainless steel covered doors.
Vasistas hanging cabinets with acid-treated glass and aluminium profile.
Stainless steel countertop and backguard with integrated cooker and sink.
Oak kitchen
Oak kitchen
Brushed oak kitchen, horizontal grain, white lacquered columns and bases, lacquered grey wall units.
Worktop in grey Okite.
Natural oak table with shaded grey veins and white leather chairs.
Lacquered kitchen
Lacquered kitchen
Kitchen with shiny white lacquered doors.
Wall column with central oven and microwave, flush refrigerator and column pantry.
Island with large flush sink and induction cooker.
Countertop in Botticino marble.
Stainless steel rectangular island hood..
Lacquered kitchen
Lacquered kitchen
Shiny lacquered kitchen with double professional-grade 35 and 60 cm hanging cabinets.
Under-cabinet band with flush spotlights.
Column with flush oven, microwave, and refrigerator.
Light blue opalescent prism Okite countertop.
Undermounted sink and induction cooker.
Lacquered kitchen
Oak lacquered Kitchen, Botticino marble worktops and tile hand decorated as backsplash back sink.
Huge industrial hood and six-burner steel kitchen block.
Glass and wrought iron table.
Oak kitchen
Oak kitchen
Smooth oak kitchen with horizontal grain.
Undermounted double sink in shiny antiqued Botticino marble.
Countertop and backguard in shiny antiqued Botticino marble.
Two round cookers and two stainless steel round hoods.
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